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Advanced QR Code Tracking – How To Track Offline Marketing In Google Analytics

With this video you will learn how to track offline marketing efforts in Google Analytics using Google’s URL Builder, URL Shortener and QR Code Generator.

It’s important to know what people do after scanning your QR Codes whether they are displayed on bill boards, magazines, flyers, brochures or business cards.

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Most businesses use QR Code generators like bit.ly and others typically used for tracking Social Media efforts. This tutorial is based on making sure your brick and mortar traditional marketing is helping your website’s search engine optimization efforts. Google and Bing know what marketing you are doing and making sure they catch everything is very important. This video uses Google tools and primarily focuses on Google in general.

Step by Step Instructions

  1.  Determine what page on your website you want to send traffic to and copy the url from the address bar.
  2. Go to Google and search for “Google URL Builder” and click the first official Google listing.
  3. Paste the url you copied into the website box and add your specifics such as “Medium” and “Campaign Name” then click “Generate URL.”
  4. Copy the newly generated url and open a new tab and type in goo.gl and hit enter.
  5. Paste the long url into the URL Shortener box and hit “Shorten.”
  6. Click “View Details” next to the newly shortened url row line on the right side.
  7. Right click the QR Code image and “Save as.”
  8. Either use this image in your marketing directly or you can fix it up in Photoshop or something to make it look better with your creatives.


Make sure that you attempt to scan it with Google Google’s app or something similar. Just go to your app store and search for QR Code Scanner and obtain an app with high downloads and ratings. Scan your QR Code as it would appear on your creative and see if it works. If it works you are good to go! Have fun being a QR Code Ninja from now on. This info isn’t widely known or used so feel proud!

Determine Response Rates

Keep in mind that only about 6% of the population uses QR Code Scanners. So if you distribute a flyer to lets say 10,000 residences and you see in Analytics in the “Campaigns” section of “Traffic Sources” that 100 people visited your website, you can estimate an Open Rate, sometimes called Read Rate, of around 1,750 people or 17.5% because 100 is around 6% of 1,750.

If you want to get really accurate you can also track your inbound calls and emails. If you know the normal response rates you can use these to better accurately determine the true “Response Rate” for your marketing campaign. QR Code tracking is a great skill to add to your tool box!

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SEO Webmasters Complain About Google Algorithm Change (Panda Update)

Jack: Did you hear about the new Google ranking change? It’s caused more problems than the Stock Market crashing!

Joe: Its totally insane how much power one small group of people have over the livelihood of so many people. I am so depressed! I thought my 10 thousand auto blogs were going to pay off.

Jack: Content is supposed to be king but my 5,000 pages of awesome content got penalized for some stupid reason. I was thinking of filing an antitrust lawsuit on behalf of all webmasters.

Joe: I am so mad! I can’t believe my dreams have been shattered by some stupid Google executive. They are so greedy and don’t share the love with guys like us.

Jack: Yeah they are just doing it to force people into their pay per click campaigns. They called us and sent us an email asking if they could manage a campaign for us themselves.

Joe: They canceled my pay per click account and said they don’t want my money! Maybe they are being paid off by big brands to kill little guys like us.

Jack: I was thinking that I should buy some automated spamming software because the sites ranking now are pure spammers. Maybe my 5,000 pages just don’t have enough links to them.

Joe: Yeah Google makes little guys into spammers because we can’t compete against big brands that buy millions of links. I thought producing content was going to make us better!

Jack: Ha Ha You are hilarious. Have you heard that Google bought Beat That Quote dot com for like 50 million bucks! I looked at their back links and they are the worst spammers ever.

Joe: Sweet! I guess spamming will work if I just do it more. Too bad I just did stupid stuff like write articles & embed Youtube videos related to what I wrote about. This really sucks!

Homemade salad is the best! Thoughts on SEO.

Salid PictureOptimizing salads can be far more fun than optimizing websites to perform well in Google. With the new changes they made old school SEO has unfortunately become important again adding extra work required to compete.

At some point Google will be so smart they will know exactly what people are looking for. The problem with that is new ideas and products will have a harder time making it to market since there are no market or algorithmic signals to let Google know that people will need the product or service as soon as it becomes popular enough.

They are of course attempting to account for that but no one can predict future innovations without stifling innovation in the process. Its a catch twenty two.

In the near future the barriers to market are going to be almost insurmountable. Getting started now is vital to anyone who wants to even have a chance in the future.

My sincere recommendation is for anyone reading this to at least set up a blog and post once a week about the idea you have for maybe starting a business someday.

You can get started with a free wordpress.com account. They make it really easy to get going. Set up an account for each idea you have. You can also buy a website domain name through them.

Starting the clock on a domain name with the product or service as part of the name can literally save you thousands of dollars in the future. In fact if you don’t own a well ripened keyword rich domain you may not have a chance at all.

So as I eat this awesome salad and write this, I am thinking of all the millions of people who are passing up the chance to even have a chance in the future.

What exactly is Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank affects website rankings

Google PR Explained
Addicted to Page Rank Green Bar?

Google says that Page Rank has a direct effect on a websites ranking in search results. When a person types in “search engine optimization” in the Google search box and clicks “enter,” the companies that have websites showing on the first page get lots of traffic and potential sales.

Search engine rank “page position” does not always revolve around Google Page Rank but it has a significant affect on your position in the “SERPS” or Search Engine Result Pages. These are the pages that search engines display when someone searches for something.

Links to your site build page rank

Page rank is made up of the total power of the links from web pages on the internet that point to your site. Google refers to these as votes. The more votes your site has the more page rank your site accumulates. A link from a very powerful page rank site or PR of 6/10 has much higher voting power than a bran new web page with no page rank. You send Google Page Rank to every site you link to unless you use special link codes like “nofollow.”

Higher ranking back links are better than mass

It is estimated that Page Rank works like the earth quake Richter Scale but slightly different. It is said that a PR 2 is 8 times greater than a PR 1 and a PR 3 is 8 times greater than a PR 2, etc. etc. Most websites never go higher than a PR 4 or PR5. Links from sites higher than your own are required to increase your site’s own page rank. As an example one link from a PR 8 can put you ahead of a competitor with 20,000 PR 2 back links.

Do not fall into page rank addiction

A webmaster or owner of a site should pay attention to Page Rank but not get obsessed. It is very easy to obsess with raising your Page Rank. The problem is people naturally start taking action based on what is currently on their mind. If you are always thinking about ways to improve your Google Page Rank you will start accidentally taking actions that Google condemns as page rank manipulation.

Build page rank naturally

We recommend everyone build Google Page Rank as naturally as possible. Buying text links on high ranking pages has been proven to raise your site’s page rank. The problem is someone could report you and the site you bought the link from and both of you would lose Page Rank. The seller of the links could even get their site banned. Google will discount links that you buy which could hurt your rankings but typically they don’t punish buyers unless caught red handed. The reason is someone could buy links and point them to competitors websites to get them banned.

Do not waste time with mass back links

It is easy of course to accumulate low ranking back links. Many websites get obsessed with this and waste their time and money. The more you have the higher your rank but their can be problems with that. If you have thousands of unimportant sites linking to your own and no higher ranking pages, then it looks like you are creating mass back links for the sole purpose of manipulating page rank.

High ranking links raise red flags

If your site gets high ranking sites to link to it then even that could raise some red flags at Google and they may conduct a manual review of your links. If they feel they are purchased or somehow unnatural they may discredit the links and your site will not get any Page Rank flow from those links. If they are there naturally then you have nothing to worry about. If you paid for them or scammed your way into getting them then you have something to worry about.

Do not fall for link schemes and scams

Stay away from link scams and buying links. It is okay to exchange links with other sites but don’t over do it. Google does punish excessive link exchange schemes. Stay away from any third part link broker, trader, etc. Those type of link networks routinely get banned or what is called de-indexed. That means your site is removed from Google’s index of websites. You want to build your links yourself in the most natural way possible. That usually means creating great content and then marketing that content to a large enough audience that they naturally link to your site because it’s awesome.

We have articles that discuss links in greater detail. Please click here to go to the category page with multiple listings for link building strategies.