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New Safe Driving Feature in the “1 Touch Love You” Android SMS Texting Application

Safe Driver App

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Finally the safe driving feature is completed. 🙂 Yeah!! I am sorry all of you waited so long. You can now say “I love you” with confidence that there is a high chance the safety feature in this app will read the text aloud to your loved one and auto text you back saying they are driving. Hopefully this will save some lives.

This feature was inspired by the tragic death of a young 16 year old teen in my neighborhood that died only 2 weeks after getting her license. The news said that she rolled her family’s SUV because of trying to use her phone. It really hit home since it was only a couple blocks down the street.Even now when I think about it my heart sinks. I can’t image what the family must be going through. My heart goes out to them!

I wanted to do something to contribute to safe driving. I developed this feature with the help of Google App Inventor, AppToMarket and the great guys in the AI forums who figured out the complicated math for calculating driving speed based on GPS location sensors. I had to do a ton of work to make it stable but I think it turned out great.

At the time of writing this there are over 13,000 downloads of my free “1 Touch Love You” app which has a ton of auto texting libraries designed to say “love you, miss you, love you too, miss you too, how are you, I am fine, and I am sorry” so you can just pick and send. Not having to type text messages for common stuff you save several times a day is a great benefit to many who appreciate that.

When life is busy and hectic the last thing people have time to do is say “love you” as much as they want. You should really check out this app because not only will it help you say what you feel more often it can now contribute to the safe driving of your loved one. No one wants to send a text to someone while they are driving and put them in danger. Download this app and also install it on your significant others Android Smart phone and keep them safe when you text them. 🙂