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Mass SMS Group List Textor – Android Application

Texting App
Save Time Texting To Many

With this mass texting machine you can create group lists and send them new or saved preset text messages. The textor sends each sms one at a time. There is no reply all and you don’t have to worry about a recipient knowing who else you sent that text to.

This is a great tool for any small to medium sized business that wants a cheap and effective SMS service. You can add contacts to any group as you go and be able to send them promotional messages with the touch of a few buttons.

Many businesses can afford either to use their own phone or add a line to use for their business. At the very least you can get any cheap Android phone with unlimited texting and dedicate it to your business.

When your business is slow or you have last minute specials to blast out this is the perfect tool. Have slow hours in the day? Send out text messages to your subscribers and get customers into your business during times of the day that are usually slow.

Saving time and energy is any business’s main focus. With this group texting machine you can do both. Once you use this app for a while and see its true potential you are going to want to upgrade to the paid version.

In the paid version you will be able to pre-schedule text messages to go to certain groups in the future automatically. Lets say you have a thank you email go out to a new sign up in 24 hours. In 72 hours you send another thank you with a small discount. Then you could have a 30 day message thanking them again and rewarding them with maybe a larger discount. The uses are unless and now you have an affordable SMS Group texting machine that will make you money now. Install this free app and try it for yourself.