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Artificial Intelligence to aid in the search for cancer treatments

U.S. Company, Berg and England are joining forces using Artificial Intelligence to find treatments for serious illnesses and cancers. This is a huge breakthrough, and it will hopefully lead to answers in the medical community that we’ve been waiting for.

Who is Berg?

Berg is an artificial Intelligence U.S. company out of Boston, founded by Carl Berg, that is working with the Department of Defense, the Parkinson’s Institute Clinical Center and others, to discover new medications to help different serious illnesses and cancers.

By looking at patterns in the biology of diseases, Berg is able to identify areas that can be focused on to come up with treatments for diseases.

England’s Genomics 100,000 Genomes Project

England’s genomics project searches through health records and DNA from citizens in England, primarily with rare diseases and cancers, especially gastric, esopohageal, pancreatic, liver cancers and renal cell sarcomas, to work to find treatments that will work for these diseases. The Genomics project works with pharmaceutical companies Roche, Biogen, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKlin.

Why DNA Sequencing?

Collection of DNA and medical records is used to help researchers identify genetic mutations in an effort to find treatments for illnesses. The first human genome was sequenced in 2003 at a cost of $3 billion dollars and 13 years. Today, the ability to sequence genomes is much more affordable at $1,500 per genome. In just over a year, with the genomes of 35,000 volunteers, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been able to use the data it collected to target drugs for cholesterol and triglycerides as well as several new gene targets, including an obesity gene.

Pfizer’s lung has been able to use genomes research to come up with a cancer treatment that targets the mutations in tumors, Xalkori. Cystic fibrosis’ treatment has changed using the genomes research with a new medication called Kalydeco, that targets the underlying genetic cause.

Even the government has caught on to the importance of DNA Sequencing. President Obama said in January that he is asking Congress, as part of a precision medicine initiative, for $130 million to collect genetic data from a million volunteers.

Betsy and BPM 31510

Betsy is Berg’s supercomputer which can look inside cells at the proteins, lipids and metabolization. 1900 patients’ blood samples were analyzed by Betsy in the past 7 months to work on treatments.

BMP 31510 is an experimental cancer drug in trials with Berg that is working to shrink solid tumors by reversing changes in the metabolism of cancer cells. BPM 31510 was developed based on Betsy’s predictions.

Berg and England’s Genomics Project hope to work together to develop new treatments and new hope to those suffering from serious illness and disease.

Source: Fox News