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Why Google Will Let App Inventor Apps Into The Android Market


AppInventor Market
Only A Matter Of Time

Are you kidding me! Only interested in money? AI is a commercial endeavor by Google to spark innovation in the android community.  Getting educators involved is just a smart way to get credibility behind the whole thing.  The whole project is about money, don’t be naive.

I have made some complex apps that are ready for the market. The market is the only inherently trusted installation source. When colleagues went to install my apps they rightly had serious concerns about the safety of turning off the feature that blocks installation of third party apps from non-market sources.

So the only smart thing for Google is to open it up to the market when they feel its ready. Please don’t think normal market apps are somehow better. The market is full of spam and porn and junk apps. Making the apps in AI won’t change Google Market Team’s approval procedures. If anything AI apps are safer as the code is not known to be hackable. There won’t be any malicious code for the most part.

For R&D the market is essential in getting consumer feedback. Not knowing how the public will receive your ideas will be the innovation stifling threat that could put the whole AI project at risk. Notice how many popular tools and functionality become part of the native operating systems?

Wake up and smell the inevitability of market integration!