AI Powered Website Design

We provide custom web design service with a focus on WordPress. Many of the code base plugins we have developed actually use artificial intelligence to give our clients a decisive advantage in their markets.

WordPress Themes and Templates

It is very difficult for people to accept the fact that they do not need to spend tons of money to get their online business going. Actually, all the things you need are practically free. Even the poorest in America can get what they need to start an online business. In fact, the entire content management system was free to us for this blog. WordPress is a very sophisticated platform that is totally free and is highly recommended.

WordPress is your friend

No one really needs more than a good WordPress blog to make money online. You do not need a fancy shopping cart or e-commerce system unless you are selling thousands of small products. For everyone else, using PayPal or Google Checkout is all that you need to sell your products, services, or ideas. If you want to sell other website’s products, then join a reputable affiliate marketing company like Commission Junction, Link Share, or the Hydra Network. Just tie your bank account to them, and they will automatically deposit money.

WordPress templates are perfect

WordPress has over fifty thousand template designs. There is no shortage of designs that could fit your style or personality. Don’t fall for the prideful mistake of thinking you can make money simply by  having a totally original design. Many design companies promote that idea. The truth is, after many years blogging and building internet sites from scratch, we have realized that the chances of a competitor having the same template as you is nearly impossible. The likely hood of losing a customer due to them noticing that your design is similar to some other site they have seen is practically zero.

Choose the right web hosting company

The cool thing is many hosting companies have a one click install for WordPress. Choosing a good hosting company is your most important choice when you get started. Google around to find out if there are bloggers complaining about them, and research what problems may arise if you choose them. Many hosting companies want you to install their “do it yourself” style website templates. Don’t do it! Just  insist that they install WordPress or allow you to install it. There are zillions of tutorials online to assist you if you have to install it manually.

If you want SEO Hosting we can provide you with hosting in the cloud. Our test show we typically make sites load 2 to 4 times faster than normal hosting providers. Just contact us for more information if you think you need SEO cloud hosting.

Plugins bring advanced features to your site with ease

One great thing about WordPress is these things called “plugins.” They are tools designed to provide your blog with advanced features on many types. There are newsletter plugins, spam fighting plugins, advertising plugins, and many more. If you need a certain function you can bet there is likely a plugin that you can install to get you what you need.