AI Powered Viral Web Application Development

There is nothing better to boost your SEO Rankings than Viral Web Apps that provide amazing user engagement! These type of user engagement tools can generate enormous traffic when they are powered by artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms make the functionality fun and users love to share it on their social profiles and they may even blog about it.

If you want to create awesome tools, calculators, viral quizzes, etc. we can make it happen. Even if you don’t know what to create, don’t worry because we can look at your business and online market and tell you what tools will bring you the greatest benefit.

What Is A Web App Anyway?

When you interact with a website on your computer, Google TV, Apple TV or smartphone, chances are high that you have run into a web app. Ever use an online calculator? What about a quizzes or test? Have you every entered info into a form and had a cool chart reflect the data you put in? These are all examples of basic web apps. More sophisticated apps include mobile versions of your website, API’s and other ways for your site to interact with the web.

Calculators and Quizzes

There are many types of cloud apps but calculators are always useful and help people. Make a few online web calculators to help show why your product is better or how it saves your customers money. These are smart uses of calculators that even your competitors will embed in their site. Quizzes and forms are another great option. If you create a cool quiz, allow the user to share their score socially so their friends can see what they did. Make it so bloggers and other websites can install the quiz or form on their site to entertain their visitors. These types of web apps sometimes go viral.

Custom Web App Creation

For serious website that are in medium to high competition markets, it is recommended that they have their own widgets, apps, and tools build just for their site as opposed to using many of the free tools you can find with a simple Google search. No matter what industry you are in there is going to be some type of tool you can build that even your competitors will like. Making sure they are properly coded for SEO and provide traffic back to your site is key. That is typically done through creating embed code and “Get This Widget” buttons for easy access. The easier you make your app sharable socially and embeddable the more people and businesses will use it.