AI/Human Hybrid Social Media Management

Social media directly affects your websites rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Ignoring this fact will increase your SEO costs as well as your PPC if you are using Adwords or AdCenter. How well your site is liked on the internet affects your Quality Scores with Google and Microsoft pay per click systems.

We have developed a system using artificial intelligence that automates social media so well that your audience will assume you have a full-time staff member working on it. However, we also back it up with real live human social media managment experts.

Why Pick Us

We know Facebook lingo and etiquette which is important if you don’t want to scare people off your Fan Page. Having a great presence on Facebook comes from being authentic with people. Don’t be full of your business or yourself, but show you care about what your clients, customers, and fans, want and need. Interact with them like friends and they will reward you with free advertising. We know how to speak for client’s on social media sites and engage their audience in a positive way.

Listen To Customers

We set up software for me that listens to all social media sites for mentions of our client’s brand and company names. It allows us to be notified almost immediately if someone is talking good or bad about our clients and that allows us to act as a first responder for customer care.

Always Genuine Interaction

These are great services because we will always be genuine. Everything we say is real and from the heart. If you are looking for a boring sales person then that is not us. We are smart, witty and warm, and if you don’t like us yet, you will after we find a way to make you smile. 😉 That is where the power of social interaction can push things in the favor of your company, brand or specifically you yourself. Take it from us, you need to be successful on Facebook and we’re here to help you.

Don’t Scare People Off

If you want someone who is all about following rigid protocol and saying things that sound like advertising, that is not us. Businesses who do that on Facebook become hated after awhile. You don’t want that to happen to you! The other thing you want to avoid is your Facebook Page and Profiles becoming stale. When someone sees that your last post or customer interaction is a week old, they know you’re not going to give them anything and they’re not going to ‘Like‘ your Page or become your ‘Friend.’

Give Discounts and Free Stuff!

Getting something awesome is what Facebook is about when it comes to customers and sales. Rewarding existing customers is the most profitable thing any business can do. No other sales talk is tolerated by the social masses. It’s a good thing that our brand of social media management will make you more money than it costs!


What Is The Point Of Social Media?

All forms of marketing are simply attempts to communicate with your target market. Some markets do most of their communication with businesses that they want to be “customers of,” on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. If you are not there where they want to communicate with you how are you going to reach them?

How Important Is Social Media

Some business types have a hard time with social media because it costs a lot of money and they don’t see any results. Usually, social media is only going to work for businesses that have popular appeal. Some innovators have been able to buck these trends but not many. How many people are connected with you and how often they interact with your content affects your website’s ranking in several ways. The first way is getting in their Custom Ranking but the second has to do with your site’s ability to generate links.

How Social Media Affects SEO

When a popular website that has a strong social media presence posts a new article on how their widget solves a big problem in the widget market, do you think anyone in their social circles are going to link to it? The answer is a resounding YES! These links come in the form of Facebook Shares & Likes, Twitter Tweets and reTweets, and Google Plus One Shares and +1 Likes not to mention direct blog post links. There are other forms of link generation like when a power user on Tumblr, Digg, Reditt, etc. promotes your article you could generate hundreds of great links in just one day.

How to Become Popular

Besides having an awesome product, an awesome company and great customer service, there are some tools and techniques that will help you become popular on social networks. Keep in mind that if your product is not socially loved then the extent of your social circle might just be sister industry peers. There is nothing wrong with that though as we can build your rankings with their help just the same. Ask us about our SEO friendly referral a friend tracking program we can set up for your when you contact us for a free consultation today!

Summary of service

1st Service – Facebook Management & Promotion (Included)

The first is interacting with people as you, or as your business. This, of course, keeps your accounts fresh and interactive. If you have coupons or specials, that we can give away, it makes our efforts go a lot further than they could otherwise. It really is a good idea and it has been proven time and time again that it pays for itself.

2nd Service – Digital Customer Service (Included)

It’s important that you reward those who have said something good about your business first before offering discounts to the public. This takes time and businesses usually don’t have enough time for it. Keep in mind that you can’t just throw out a marketing blast and expect a massive response. Many times positive buzz drives more sales than marketing ever could!

3rd Service – Social Engagement (Included)

A unique service that we can provide is interacting with you, your customers, fans, clients, and anyone else, as ourselves. We can stir up conversations and say plenty of encouraging things to people who interact with your Facebook page or profile. This helps keep the momentum going when you have a successful special promotion or some other thing that strikes up social interaction. This also provides a great boost to people involved in their own social media who just need a little boost here and there.


We never disclose the name of clients so you don’t have to worry about me sharing the details of your social media strategy nor any customer complaints or personal info. Everything we do for clients is strictly confidential.

How to Get Started

  1. Just send us your Facebook link and the schedule you want us to work.
  2. We will send you a digital invoice for the deposit. The invoice will come from my our corporate invoicing account.
  3. After you pay the deposit we will set up our software to listen to the web for mentions of your company and brand. We will check out what you have been doing so far on Facebook and start in asap on providing our services.