AI Powered Mobile App Development

Whether you are late to the game or have had apps in the app stores for awhile, you may not realize how powerful adding artificial intelligence to your mobile apps can be. There are 2 main components that drive massive user adoption. The first is providing something amazingly useful and that usually means it’s smart. So that requires machine learning algorithms. The second is viral share. If you don’t make it easy to share, they simply won’t do it.

Start or Expand To Android

Android is the fastest growing form of technology the planet has every seen. Getting your business ranked inside the Android app market has proven to bring instant success for many businesses. Just being there with something basic can get you more results than almost anything else you could do with your business. It’s simply amazing! You should at least give it a try with a low cost minimal viable product or MVP Android App as we call it.

What Can Android Do For Your Business?

Building Android apps is not all that complicated but that depends on your goals. Getting high rankings in the Android Market is pretty easy for us. The main problem is businesses don’t know what to create. We have a way to take all your social media activity, videos, blog articles and organize them into one cool app for people to download. Add some very cool AI functionality and you have a winning formula. It gets you closer to current customers and allows new ones to find you that may never have otherwise. The amount of traffic Android Apps can drive is starting to dwarf regular web based SEO as we know it.

How To Make Money From Android Apps?

You don’t have to make money from your Android app directly for it to be worth it. Having an app installed and used will increase your website’s SEO ranking and generate tons of leads if done correctly. Getting Facebook Shares, Likes and Getting +1 Clicks are priceless. Every industry has potential customers and those people need information and tools. We simply figure out what those are and build them for you and watch the traffic flow in. Having far-reaching social clout affects rankings and other things that all combined do have a beneficial effect on your revenue and more than pay for their costs.

Why Should You Have An Android App?

Android is not just a phone operating system. Versions of Android are being used as the brains of robots, flying small aircraft and even driving unmanned vehicles. Android is more like a computer brain that can be used for many things besides cell phones. Pretty soon vehicles will come with Android pre-installed for navigation and other system administration. It already exists in DVD Players and TV sets. It will be the primary software running outdoor billboards and other display media. Having an artificial intelligence based IoT Android app on all those platforms will increase your website’s brand recognition, social popularity and SEO rankings so contact us today for a free consultation!