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Pay Per Click (PPC) includes banner ads and phone call ads in additional to traditional search engine ads.

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If you have been shocked by the high prices Google Adwords charges per click you are not alone. 90% of companies using Pay Per Click (PPC) believe they are paying far too high of prices.

Fight Fire With Fire

Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Amazon use machine learning algorithms to grade your campaigns and websites. Google calls this “Quality Score” and the rest call it something similar.

We use algorithms to obtain unreal quality scores that get our clients amazing results!

Why Quality Score Matters

This so-called “quality score” judges your ads, keywords and landing pages to determine an algorithmic guess at how well their users will like what you are offering and how you are offering it.

Your keyword-level quality scores determine whether or not you end up paying what is called the “Google Stupid Tax.” This nickname for the cost increase caused by their algorithm can not be overlooked without paying an extreme financial penalty.

Well Organzied Ad Campaigns

How well you organize your campaigns, happens to make a huge difference in how much your Cost Per Click (CPC) ends up being. ¬†you can’t do this efficiently without an extremely insightful understanding of the psychology of the searcher. You have to speak their language and write ad copy and build landing pages that satisfy their 8-second attention span.

Geographical Targeting At Scale

If you are in a competitive market you will love the ace up our sleeve. If your product or service has a lot of geographical terms like “medical insurance murrieta ca” and other phrases like that, you have just walked into a gold mine.

We have built proprietary software that programmatically builds both campaigns as well as the content on the landing pages. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to obtain the ultimate Quality Score and drastically reduce your potential costs.

In fact, some campaigns we have run in the “Auto Insurance” space have seen 10x decreases in costs per qualified lead. Not only that, but the pages end up ranking really well in organic SEO.

PPC Software Not For Sale!

We have learned the hard way not to sell this type software. People abuse it and then it stops working. Every similar type of software available elsewhere online is a total waste of money. We built ours after wasting money buying and testing theirs. We are greedy with this technology and only use it for our PPC clients who want use to obtain these amazing results for them.

Next Steps

If you are interested in adding artificial intelligence to your online search marketing campaigns and understand the power of amazingly high-quality scores, please contact us for a free consultation. You can use our PPC Cost Calculator to get an idea of how much we can save you.