AI Powered Natural SEO Rankings

Getting high rankings may be easier than you think. We have an algorithmic system that gets our clients highly ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

With all the new algorithms like GEO Ranking, Trust Rank, Social Circle Rank and others the chances of getting ranked on a national level for a highly competitive keyword is slim, even with big budgets.

We have figured out a method for obtaining a combination of local rank + custom rank that obtains a large amount of traffic and repeat business for our clients.

Why SEO Is Important

Optimization is important because everything is competitive. If you have to pay for all your visitors then how are you going to compete with sites that get free traffic? Your costs are going to be so much higher you can’t compete. Save that money and invest it into tools, knowledge, and similar things that will help you optimize your site yourself.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

There are some basics of optimization that everyone should know. You can’t know what to write about effectively if you have not done any keyword research. Example: one keyword that gets a lot of traffic according to Google’s keyword traffic estimation tool is “seo.”

SEO is the common acronym for Search Engine Optimization. So, it is important for this site to have that keyword in its content in more than one place so search engines begin associating “seo” with our site. When someone types in seo into Google or Yahoo search we hope that our site comes up on the first page.

Is Being On 1st Page Vital?

If you are not on the first page for a keyword a searcher types in then you  might not get enough traffic to make money. Many do not realize the power the search engines have to bless your site with viability. The search engines publish all types of guides to help people make sure they are set up to receive this type of internet love. Follow the guidelines and stay away from cutting corners.

Is It Smart To Game SEO?

Trying to cheap the search engines is counter productive. We know many tricks to manipulating search results but one thing is always true. It only works for a little while and then you have to start over. We found that the time it takes to research all the ways to cheat is the same amount of time it takes to write good content. So, for the long run, keep in mind that writing good content does not run the risk of resetting your sites optimization back to zero in a few months.

What is Custom Rank?

There is a way to get to your target market before they use a search engine to look for your service. If your site is deemed to be of interest to the person by Google, they will artificially up your ranking just for that person’s searches. Bing is doing the same thing and Yahoo rankings are just a mirror of Bing now.

How To Get Custom Rankings?

Google uses a variety of methods to figure out who is connected to who on the web. One method is whether that person has sent you and email, whether they are in your gmail contacts, whether they have followed you on Twitter, whether they have shared something on your site on Facebook or Liked it and several other scenarios.

Communicating and Connecting With Referral Sources

No matter what industry you are in, there are businesses and individuals in similar industries who are in the market for referring business to you. Setting up a paid referral system, that rewards them with commissions on sales, makes it enticing for them to send people your way. Image this is done through banners and links on their websites that boost your SEO!

Social Circle Ranking

Imagine, like us, that Graphic Designers are a good source of referrals. When Google sees that you are connected with a Graphic Designer socially, and one of their socially connected clients does a search for something like “SEO”, there is a good chance your site will be given great ranking for that person specifically. The more interaction between you and the Graphic Designer the better. The more interaction between that Designer and their client the better for you.

Facebook Edge Rank

Facebook as a similar ranking system which affects your rankings for searches inside Facebook and the prominence of your status updates on your friend’s Walls. These factors are now affecting your rankings inside Bing and Yahoo. Bing and Facebook have a partnership. Also, both Bing and Google use Twitter connections as part of their rankings.

Factors Affecting Custom Rank

Who you have in your gmail contacts, Android phone contacts, Facebook friends lists, Twitter followers and now more prominently Linkedin largely determines who will see your pages ranking for competitive terms. This is true even when you don’t have the firepower to out-rank competitors spending millions per year on their SEO.

The more you interact with these contacts the higher the custom rankings you will have when they do a search. Besides them, you get ranking boosts in the people they are connected with. Befriending power players in your sister industries is a great first step.

Large Scale National Business/eCommerce SEO

National SEO campaigns are not easy or simple. Don’t be fooled by snake oil salesmen or in-house IT staff that claim they can do it just to keep their jobs. Extreme link building is the most important component necessary to compete on this level. Normally costs are high but rewards can be double or triple your investment.

You have to utilize every type of legit SEO strategy possible. Typically this can include advanced tactics like building awesome cloud web apps and then buying PPC traffic, targeting website owners in hopes that they will install or embed your code the on their site. Of course, you include an optional link back to your site to increase your SEO.

Mobile Helps SEO

Having one or many Android apps can be extremely helpful for jump-starting a Social Media Optimization campaign which is essential if you want national rankings. Having a large social media presence is part and parcel with having the influence to drive enough natural link building to compete against big budgets.

Geographical Targeting

How many pages would you have to build if you wanted to create a page for every single geographical area just in the United States? Some estimates are in the millions.

Now ask yourself, without a highly specific form of artificial intelligence called natural language processing (NLP), do you think it is possible to not only make each of those pages unique but also be highly converting? Sure, you can use crappy content spinning software but it’s easy for Google to detect and reads like crap, and therefore doesn’t convert customers.

List of Optimization Research Topics

There are a few basics of optimization that should be researched regularly and they are:

  1. Quality of sites linking to yours
  2. Website domain name
  3. Number of back-links to your site
  4. Type of link i.e. nofollow or dofollow
  5. Up-time of your site (pick a host carefully)
  6. Website title and content
  7. Website design structure
  8. Content titles and keywords
  9. Name of pages and posts
  10. Amount of content and keywords
  11. Speed of your sites page load
  12. Structure of content code
  13. Number and type of code errors
  14. Misspellings in content
  15. Website domain age (matters most in first three months)

What To Do Next?

If you want to know more about how to get almost the same amount of customers and traffic as if you had a large SEO budget let us know. We offer free consultations and analysis.