NLP Powered Written Content Generation

Stuff keywords and die! 🙂 Don’t shine. Don’t think that is what having a strong online presence or SEO is about. If you notice any awkward keyword stuffing then fire your SEO content provider immediately.

Our artificial intelligence system uses state of the art Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate amazingly dynamic written content that both increases your SEO ranking but also lowers your Cost Per Click for advertising. It produces smooth flowing content that does NOT sound machine written.

Now that we know what not to do, what should you do?

What is “SEO content” to begin with?

First of all, at the ten thousand foot level, the goal of web content is communication with your website’s target audience or audiences. Most make the mistake of thinking that means their customers and only them. A good content strategy incorporates the needs of peers, sister industry sites and even their competitors. After all, the top companies in every industry are usually helping others in a similar way so why should your site be any different?

Is this “Content Strategy?”

Content marketing is a lot different than content strategy. If you want to know more about real content strategy contact Knocktastic. They will give you a free consultation on how to keep your content from sucking and how to plan and measure performance.

Why two target audiences

If every piece of content on your site is limited to what consumers need, want and expect, then your site will have a tough time with ranking. Why you ask? Industry peer revue is what Google rankings are founded on. So a scientist who completes a large study for a new consumer product doesn’t release the study results, reports, papers, stats, etc. to become popular with the target consumer of that product. His target audience is other scientists and hopefully commercial enterprises who want to deliver his/her product to the masses.

Consumers Vs. Authority Strategy

Importance of Writing To Consumers

Creating a compelling design and writing content that your site’s target market demands is extremely important for sales. It is also important for SEO because if visitors to your site routinely click the back button because your site sucks then search engines will take notice. If Google or Bing think that the search term they were using isn’t the type where frequent back button clicking is common then your rankings will go down. So if your design and content is there just for the search engines then your site won’t generate enough revenue to put money back into your SEO and marketing efforts to compete.

Typically this type of content includes sales pages, product or service demonstration pages, etc. and most importantly a fully fleshed out Frequently Asked Questions section. An FAQ section is a good way to produce a lot of content without it reducing your sites effectiveness in convincing the target audience to take the actions you want like signing up, buying something, or whatever the goal is.

Importance of Building Authority

If you have a second market in mind for stuff like your site’s blog, you will be able to build a relationship with industry peer websites and sister industry sites that they will link to your site, reTweet your tweets and share your content on Facebook. Without getting other sites to link to yours you won’t get the type of ROI you expect from your online marketing efforts. Writing for consumers is crucial but limiting your strategy and excluding your industry related peers is a fatal mistake.

Content for your peers is much different than content for consumers. You would be smart to have news articles about what is going on in your industry or a closely related industry. You would be wise to have some useful tools built like web based calculators, quizzes, stock tickers, etc. etc. These type of gadgets/widgets/tools are an important type of content. The key to this strategy is to let sites embed your tools in their websites to help their businesses in exchange for an accreditation link back to the page on your site that hosts the original tool.

The Right Content Mix

With the right amount of both types of content your site will not just be a sales machine but a useful resource that benefits the web. That is important because Google and Bing/Yahoo have dedicated teams doing everything they can to keep sites who are not resources to the web from ranking for highly lucrative commercial search terms. If you want your site to be on top and stay there for a really long time please contact us for a free consultation today!