Artificial Intelligence Services & Machine Learning Development

We Are Very Picky

We know the work it takes to build and maintain an amazing business. Some people think artificial intelligence is all they need to give them the edge they need to win. They think that somehow, they can achieve massive successes without first having a smart business, good product, and great customer service. If your company is missing those elements, we likely won’t take your business. We have very high standards when it comes to which clients we take on and which are left to get eaten by competition, though we do offer consulting and development services that may help you get there.

We Offer Consulting as Well As Development Services

If you want to do your own data science projects in-house, we can still help you. We can provide hands-on training as well as fully detailed work-flow manuals with step-by-step instructions. We don’t believe in keeping all the secrets to ourselves on how to add intelligence at every level of a business.

Data Science Research & Development Services

Market Research

Online, Offline & Mobile

With our research package, you get more than just a report produced with software. We have extensive experience with the flaws all research software can get around those errors to provide very accurate reporting.

You can take your chances with off-the-shelf research and data mining software. However, if you don’t know how to use this kind of software including adjusting for their errors, you are likely going to end up chasing your dreams down rabbit holes. They will not generate the enormous value that actionable intel can provide.

Competition Analysis

External Strategies & Techniques

Knowing what your competitors are doing and how they are getting customers is vital if your company is going to compete in mobile, online, and in the hearts and minds of customers. We have researched and tested all the tactics your competitors are using. It is how we stay on top of the most recent trends in the marketing industry.

We will provide you with customized strategies and techniques that, combined with machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, will make you better, faster, and more profitable than they are.


Data Collection & Monitoring

We provide a variety of services. We can set up your analytics, goal, e-commerce, and IoT tracking along with all the basics needed for proper big data collection and analysis.

If you want advanced performance monitoring, which includes setting up and defining your company’s or department’s’ reason for existing, what it is supposed to accomplish, and how to measure progress, we suggest you contact our analytical data experts. We are the best in the business at managing interdepartmental competing interests inside our client’s companies. We hold your hand and will even provide presentations and reports.


Brilliant Software Development & Sollutions

Cloud Solutions

Web App & API Development

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Mobile 1st Solutions

Mobile Application Development

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eCommerce Solutions

Shopping Carts & Conversions

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Brilliant Search Engine Marketing Sollutions


Search Rankings

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Content Solutions

Writing, Blogging & Imagery

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Build Authority

Link Building & Syndication

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