Technology Stack Agnostic – Top of Intelligence Ecosystem


What Do We Offer?

We build custom deep learning neural net artificial intelligence (AI) systems for clients. We can also connect the learning algorithms to which ever AI is best suited for the problem our client is trying to solve as an intelligence backup.

Why Our Technology?

We are standing on the shoulders of the giants who have commoditized AI. We specialize in all the different algorithms out there and what problems they are best at solving. We are partnering with IBM Watson, Google Brain, Microsoft Azure/Cortana & Amazon Alexa/Echo.

What Assurance Do You Have?

If one of the big enterprise API providers discontinues support or raises their fees, the system is already self-sustaining and not heavily reliant on them anyway.

In the case that you want to offload this amazingly valuable asset, you will have your own proprietary IP along with a transferable technology.

NLP Grammar Structure

There are many forms of Natural Language Processing (NLP) but not many take grammar structure into account. Here is a info graphic showing how the structure of a simple sentence is mapped out.