Internet Marketing

We provide search marketing services for enterprise level clients. Essentially, this allows you to set a budget and make the most out of it. For example, you could have a budget of over $10,000 per month and would like us to make the most of it for you. Often times we can improve PPC campaign performance by up to 50%. We specialize in Bing and Yahoo search marketing with the goal of using that data to improve Google Adwords performance.

However, if you have a budget less than our minimum, we know of a fantastic marketing company you should reach out to. Contact the PPC Experts at Unleashed Online-Marketing. They can get you up and running quickly and help you get a great return on your campaign budget.

Do It Yourself Marketing

Internet marketing is no mystery. PPC is not the only way to get traffic. You can build a site, build traffic, and sell something to make money. But how are these things done exactly, and where is the best place to start? As we mentioned on the Design page, WordPress is the best place to get started.

Why should I use a blog?

If you are prejudiced against the word “blog,” then you are probably going to fail by spending too much money. Blogs are more than what you many think. WordPress is actually a complex content management system that allows you to manage the content, photos, videos, etc. of your site without having to hire a programmer or professional designer.

Where to begin your internet marketing

The first place to begin is picking a topic that you think people would be interested in. There are certain niche topics and ideas that you may be interested in, which means there are other people who are interested too. By identifying something you are interested in and beginning to write with it, you can start to make money. Writing can be really difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start an online business. Simply hire a professional writer. There are overseas writers that can do it for you for cheap, but it won’t always be the best quality. There are also plenty of inexpensive American writers that you can use on your sites. They may cost more, but they will do a much better job.

Outsourcing is your friend

Scriptlance, Elance, and other sites allow you to put projects on their site and then get bids from people on your project. So if you need a 500 word essay written, you can simply put it on one of those sites for a bid. These sites allow you to choose the person you want to pay based on their bid, and it could allow for you to pick a really inexpensive writer overseas. Of course you will likely have to edit it to make it sound like it makes sense, but it saves time if you hate writing. You also can choose American-native writers on these sites, which will mean you don’t have to spend time editing the articles.

Will I have to constantly write articles?

The amount of writing you have on your site, the more traffic you will get. That is why we recommend that you write as much content as possible. The key is to write on a topic that you love, so it is not so tedious or difficult. The best way to make money online is to pick whatever you are passionate about and write your heart out. Likely, there will be others who share your passion who will eventually find your site and read your content. The longer someone is on your site, the better it is for search engine optimization.

What should I sell to make money?

The best product to offer is an e-book on the subjects you are writing about. $6.99 for a book on a topic that someone is passionate about is not too expensive. The best delivery of offers is through newsletter email campaigns. The people who love your site will read your emails. This way, you can avoid annoying ads in the look of your website. Provide good content but only those who sign up for newsletters can get some of the limited content. Once you build your list of readers, then you have a chance to make some money.

How do I get visitors to buy?

Building a newsletter list is not very difficult, but does take time, especially if the topic you are blogging about is highly competitive like “web design.” Building your list can be accomplished in a number of ways. Google around and find out what other blogs are saying about techniques for building lists. We recommend that you offer free e-books and videos to subscribers. Once they get a few for free and trust you, they will be much more likely to buy when you present the offer in your next newsletter. It is also helpful to offer giveaways to those who have subscribed to your newsletter.

Is video content important?

Video is taking over the internet. The words spoken in audio are now being indexed by search engines. Making videos is much easier than you may it used to be. Power point presentations or slide shows can be converted to video. Add audio discussion that goes along with your pictures, and you will have a good video. Windows Movie Maker comes free with most computers. If you are an Apple person, then you are in for a real treat with ScreenFlow and Imovie. We will have tutorials on both soon.

Things to keep in mind

Keep in mind that building a site with a few pages will never get you anywhere. Only sites that constantly have new content will make money and get free traffic from the search engines. Blogs are the easy and free way to get the search engines to love you and send you visitors. Keep in mind that you will likely only get 1 sale per 200 visitors. That means you need to figure out if there is even that much traffic per day for your topic. Google keyword traffic estimation tool works really well, and Marketing Samurai is also highly useful.

Ten Steps to Get Online Money Making Started

  1. Pick a hosting company that supports the WordPress blogging platform
  2. Learn how to install WordPress plugins
  3. Research plugins that are helpful to your site
  4. Research discussion topics to see if there is enough traffic to make money
  5. Pick a website domain name that describes your sites content in two words, no dashes, hyphens, etc.
  6. Write basic pages (permanent content) for your site (blog posts are revolving content)
  7. Write at least one 500 word blog entry or post supporting your site’s topic per day
  8. Go on other top blogs that have content similar to yours and post informative comments
  9. Make videos for each of your posts if possible
  10. Trade article posts with other bloggers. (They post articles about your site and you post on their site.)

Marketing Page Conclusion

Internet marketing is as easy if you feel passionately about your writing. If you don’t feel any passion, it can be really hard. Writing about web design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization are passions of ours. It took us very little time to put the content on this site together. We love it and therefore, it is not hard. When you write about your passions, then the words will flow and the time consumption stops becoming a deterrent. There will be massive amounts of information on this site that discuss all these topics in great detail.

If you want to learn more or see what tutorials we have, go ahead and click our “online marketing” link to go to a page with a list of free training articles and videos.