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Links to your site don’t count for much unless they are linking to great content with similar keywords as where the links come from.

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What you think you know about content optimization may be killing your chance of getting your pages ranked where you want them. With this manual you will be able to train your staff or school your contracted copywriter on the proper way to structure page content in a way that not only improves your chance of ranking but also converts visitors to potential customers.
“What is the point of a website if it is not a tool to generate real profit?”

Optimize Your Writing Style

You have 8 seconds to suck your reader in before you FAIL! There are many SEO copywriting principals to master in order to make sure your written content is compliant with the latest in search engine optimization techniques. At the same time you are figuring out how to structure your page you need to avoid scaring people off the site completely. You would be surprised just how common site abandonment is.


SEO content structure

All pages need to contain a targeted keyword in the title, introductory paragraph, two or three supporting paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. Each of these should be divided by logical sub-headings to cater to people who scan first before committing to a full read. These are the basics of proper SEO page structure but in order to keep from failing you need extreme skill to write the page content in a way that has a natural flow and tone as people read it. Most people hear a negative tone in their mind as they read and you have to change that to a positive one. That can’t be accomplished by awkwardly trying to stuff keywords where they don’t belong!

You may be a good writer

You may even be a journalist. You may have many people telling you how great your writing skills are. It could be that none of these are true and you are just the “doer” type of person who wants to be successful online. No matter who you are you should understand that the psychology behind effective and persuasive copywriting is not something new. All that is new is the fact you now have to add more science to your strategy to optimize your vocabulary for machines called search engines.

Demonstrate mathematically calculable authority

If you want to succeed online then you need to be concerned with demonstrating authority as an SEO content strategist. There is no room for eccentricities online. If you are already skilled or just want your content to rank well and gain traffic then pay close attention to the science behind the why’s and how’s of structuring your content. Write clean clear persuasive content with an eye to mathematical topical accuracy and you will be a cut above the rest.

How To Research Topics For Article Writing

Finding topic to write about can sometimes be a challenge.

Here is some info that we have used in the past to get content production teams passed writers block and slow periods.

If you stay informed about your industry news that is the best technique for knowing what to write about.


  1. Research topics
  2. Check search trends of topics and related keywords
  3. Check long term search trends for keywords and find related phrases
  4. Include all topics and keywords in article according to the steps
  5. Here is the format for all written articles

Follow it very carefully. Make sure the writers write it formatted so we don’t have to.

Tools for finding topics:

Check the 90 trend for the topics using this tool. You can also see related keywords to use in the article to support topics.

Check the all time average searches for the topics here. This will also give you keywords to use that are related.!ideaType=KEYWORD&requestType=IDEAS

Once you complete these then you have a great article that will attract lots of traffic.