About Us

Our Mission At Artificial Brillance

Our goal is to work with companies to help improve life for its customers, employees, and partners.  The more integrated those companies are with artificial intelligence, the smarter each business will be about everything they do, resulting in a better life for everyone they deal with. We believe that a lot of the problems people face when it comes to dealing with a business (whether that is as an employee, owner, or customer) is due to the accidental lack of artificial intelligence at the corporate level. We want to fix that, one business at a time.

Causes We Will Help For Cheap or Free


Critical Issues & Crisis

Mental & Emotional Health

If you are trying to make a difference to help those with mental or emotional needs and need help building an artificial intelligence system that furthers that cause, please contact us. The main thing you need to provide is sweat equity and lots of data. The more information you can provide us, the easier it will be for us to help you make a difference.


Education & Helping Hands

Kids, Education & Empowerment

If you have a worthy cause that you feel we could help with that relates to children, education or the empowerment of underprivileged, please contact us. We can help build an artificial intelligence system that can automate tasks, distributes information or provides expert advice in ways you can’t imagine.


The Next Big Thing

Any Worthy Cause

Maybe you don’t have a cause like teaching destitute farmers how to take care of their crops through text messaging or you are not trying to cure a disease, etc.. Maybe you just have an awesome idea that will have some positive impact on the world. We are all ears. We invite you to contact us with you idea.