Google Analytics Goal Tracking For QR Code Campaigns

If you are looking to connect your QR Code campaigns to your Google Analytics you are a rare find. Most wonder how to do it but don’t actually look hard enough to find out how. This is a sequel video that shows how to set up your on page goal tracking in Google analytics so you can measure an ROI from your campaigns.

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Once you have your QR Code generated using Google URL Builder and Google URL Shortenter you are ready to begin setting up the goal tracking.

Step By Step

Determine which page you want to track as your goal and copy the url in the address bar. (Hint: This should not be the same as the QR Code landing page and should be a “Thank You” page or something similar.)

  1. Go to your analytics account and click “Edit” next to the profile listing belonging to the site you are tracking.
  2. In the “Goals” section click on “Add Goal.”
  3. Give the goal a name.
  4. Check the “Goal Type” selection “URL Destination” box.
  5. Paste the url of the page you want tracked in the box.
  6. Click save goal.

That is it!

You are now set to start tracking your first goal. You can define additional goals if you want. It’s important to only set “real” goals that affect revenue. Every goal should be determined by a “step” you want the user to take on their path to becoming a customer. Typically that requires multiple steps.

What should be the next goals?

Your first goal might be to view a specific page like in our demo video we specified the “application” page. The second goal could be set to a page they can only view upon completion of the form. A third goal could be a what you want them to do after completing the first actions. This could typically be an up-sell on the back end or additional purchase offers. Keep it simple and focus on revenue generating goals. Happy tracking and thanks for watching!

Advanced QR Code Tracking – How To Track Offline Marketing In Google Analytics

With this video you will learn how to track offline marketing efforts in Google Analytics using Google’s URL Builder, URL Shortener and QR Code Generator.

It’s important to know what people do after scanning your QR Codes whether they are displayed on bill boards, magazines, flyers, brochures or business cards.

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Most businesses use QR Code generators like and others typically used for tracking Social Media efforts. This tutorial is based on making sure your brick and mortar traditional marketing is helping your website’s search engine optimization efforts. Google and Bing know what marketing you are doing and making sure they catch everything is very important. This video uses Google tools and primarily focuses on Google in general.

Step by Step Instructions

  1.  Determine what page on your website you want to send traffic to and copy the url from the address bar.
  2. Go to Google and search for “Google URL Builder” and click the first official Google listing.
  3. Paste the url you copied into the website box and add your specifics such as “Medium” and “Campaign Name” then click “Generate URL.”
  4. Copy the newly generated url and open a new tab and type in and hit enter.
  5. Paste the long url into the URL Shortener box and hit “Shorten.”
  6. Click “View Details” next to the newly shortened url row line on the right side.
  7. Right click the QR Code image and “Save as.”
  8. Either use this image in your marketing directly or you can fix it up in Photoshop or something to make it look better with your creatives.


Make sure that you attempt to scan it with Google Google’s app or something similar. Just go to your app store and search for QR Code Scanner and obtain an app with high downloads and ratings. Scan your QR Code as it would appear on your creative and see if it works. If it works you are good to go! Have fun being a QR Code Ninja from now on. This info isn’t widely known or used so feel proud!

Determine Response Rates

Keep in mind that only about 6% of the population uses QR Code Scanners. So if you distribute a flyer to lets say 10,000 residences and you see in Analytics in the “Campaigns” section of “Traffic Sources” that 100 people visited your website, you can estimate an Open Rate, sometimes called Read Rate, of around 1,750 people or 17.5% because 100 is around 6% of 1,750.

If you want to get really accurate you can also track your inbound calls and emails. If you know the normal response rates you can use these to better accurately determine the true “Response Rate” for your marketing campaign. QR Code tracking is a great skill to add to your tool box!

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