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We take every possible angle into consideration to exploit all search engines for the best ranking results you can expect from an SEO Firm in Spokane Washington. What do I mean by that exactly?

Well, let’s start with what SEO means

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it means to make your website search engine friendly. There is more to it than putting a bunch of keywords and phrases on your site that you want to rank well for in the search engines. When you talk search engines most people think Google right off, so if you are one who thinks that way, the first thing you should focus on is the sophistication of their algorithm, which is a mechanism used to give your website a grade or score. I am not talking about page rank, but rather, I am speaking about putting all the right pieces together in the right places.

Here are a couple of examples

Your title for instance is one of the most important factors that will help the search engines decide what to rank you for. Another example is the words you use in your page’s main heading. Even the size of your heading is taken into consideration.

So, if you are wanting to rank for a search term such as “Spokane SEO Services” for example, you would want to make sure you are using that search term in the title, heading and in your content. However, it is not as simple as that. You have to know the rest of the story. Honestly the rest of the story is worthy of a book. What we have found is it is much more cost affective for a company to hire a firm in Spokane who specializes in SEO rather than take it on themselves, unless you have an in-house SEO specialist.

Consider mechanical work that has to be done on your car for example

Even if you are mechanically inclined, wouldn’t it actually save you money and time in the long run to just take it to a specialist who has the tools, and who has done the same job many times before? Yes, it would, mainly because chances are if you did it yourself, you would have to buy a new tool or maybe two, and you might have to read up on how to do the job. Of course you might have to take one mechanical part off to get to the part you need to work on, and that might take a special tool as well.

What’s more, chances are high that you might get halfway done with the job and realize that you have to bring it to the specialist after all! This will ultimately cost you two to three times more than it would if you would have taken it to them in the first place, not to mention the nicks and bruises on your hands, grease under your fingernails and on your fingers, a soar back from leaning over the hood, etc… As you can tell I have been there, done that!

Save time and money by using our services

So, if you want to avoid all the unseen issues, the learning curve, the nicks and bruises, why not just cut to the chase and contact us, your number one choice in Spokane for SEO Services. We will get the job done right the first time, and you can continue to work on your passions, what you do best, selling your products or services and putting a big smile on the faces of your happy customers.

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Small Business SEO Traps To Avoid Like The Plague

I have seen time and time again an SEO firm or Guru that props up client sites with massive amounts of “rented” links, usually from blog link farms. If your site doesn’t get penalized you will probably get sick of the lack of results soon enough. When you pull the plug on the scam SEO company they usually remove all the links pointing to your site and further damage it. Keep your eyes open for a big increase in ranking followed by a medium size drop within about two weeks.

Now that you have wised up a bit you have a few big problems

First is your ratio of blog roll links to all other types of links are way out of whack. This is easy for Google and Bing to track. They could be in the form of site-wide sidebar links or footer links. You can tell a spam link from a good one just by looking at the other outbound links on the page. If they are linking to multiple commercial domains it is highly likely they are renting out those links. Avoid those types of links like the plague. If you have an SEO ask for link building reports and manually check where the links are coming from.

Natural vs. Unnatural Link Building Graph

Unnatural Link Profile

The next problem you are going to have is ‘link churn’

The ratio of links you obtain compared to links that disappear is important. Now that the so called SEO Guru removed all their link farm spam it looks like you have a massively abnormal rate of link churn. If sites are un-linking to you that is a quality signal. The search engines may make you work twice as hard to build up a good link profile before they give you the credit you are looking for.

Problematic Link Churn Issues

Link Churn

Easy way to get local GEO based rankings

For a small business you can typically do well with doing just a few things. 1.) Register your business on every free business directory you can find and provide your website link in the appropriate spot. Example: Superpages, YellowPages, CitySearch, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google LBC, etc. 2.) Blog once a week on something industry related. Put a keyword link in that article pointing to the page you have on your site you want ranked. 3.) Go on other websites that have news articles, on the same topic you just blogged about, and join the conversation. When the opportunity comes up to mention the points you made in your article, that add to the conversation on that other website, feel free to link to your article. FYI: If you don’t make an intelligent comment then your link probably won’t get approved. 4.) If you have friends or acquaintances in the industry try to get them to post one of your articles on their site or blog. If you don’t, try to make some new friends. 😉 Make sure you write something different but on the same topic. Put one link in the guest blog post pointing back to your original article with the keywords you were focusing on for that article as the click-able text for the link.