Homemade salad is the best! Thoughts on SEO.

Salid PictureOptimizing salads can be far more fun than optimizing websites to perform well in Google. With the new changes they made old school SEO has unfortunately become important again adding extra work required to compete.

At some point Google will be so smart they will know exactly what people are looking for. The problem with that is new ideas and products will have a harder time making it to market since there are no market or algorithmic signals to let Google know that people will need the product or service as soon as it becomes popular enough.

They are of course attempting to account for that but no one can predict future innovations without stifling innovation in the process. Its a catch twenty two.

In the near future the barriers to market are going to be almost insurmountable. Getting started now is vital to anyone who wants to even have a chance in the future.

My sincere recommendation is for anyone reading this to at least set up a blog and post once a week about the idea you have for maybe starting a business someday.

You can get started with a free wordpress.com account. They make it really easy to get going. Set up an account for each idea you have. You can also buy a website domain name through them.

Starting the clock on a domain name with the product or service as part of the name can literally save you thousands of dollars in the future. In fact if you don’t own a well ripened keyword rich domain you may not have a chance at all.

So as I eat this awesome salad and write this, I am thinking of all the millions of people who are passing up the chance to even have a chance in the future.