Optimization Guide For WordPress SEO

Optimization is pretty easy if you just follow a few basic concepts. The first is, don’t listen to optimization sales people. Many businesses are paying thousands per month on just about nothing. Optimizing your code and submitting your site to search engine directories is just not going to do it these days.

Content is kind according to Google and now that their ranking algorithm is getting so advanced all the so called “SEO tricks” are not working anymore. Google’s aim is to punish those who manipulate their rankings and reward those who give great content to Google’s users. The better they like your site the better they like Google. Don’t lose focus on this important fact.

WordPress is easy to use for code optimization

WordPress.org has a great easy to use content management system. Get over the stigma of the word “blog” and understand that WordPress is a highly advanced and evolved form of website that just happens to be a blogging platform used by tens of thousands of people and companies.

Optimizing your code is easy but takes time get familiar with it. WordPress comes with a really useful function that allows you to install advanced features through “plugins.” Plugins are chuncks of code that you can install into your blog through the administration or control panel. Each usually comes with instructions and step by step guides.

Use a WordPress blog template and add the “All In One SEO” plugin. As you write your articles make sure you fill in the SEO options for your meta data. This is information that goes in the code of your site that no one sees. Here is an example of a Google Search result for the keywords “optimization tutor”:

Free Training Videos, Guides, Tutorials and more. All you need to Design, Market and Optimize your site yourself. You can … CLICK TO READ MORE.
artificialbrilliance.com/– 2k

Here is the code that is inside the website. You can see the meta code on most sites by just clicking “View” in your browser menu and selecting “View Source” while looking at the page.

<title>Optimization, Site Design and Internet Marketing Made Easy</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”Free Training Videos, Guides, Tutorials and more. All you need to Design, Market and Optimize your site yourself. You can … CLICK TO READ MORE.” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”optimization, marketing, website design”/>

All In One SEO WordPress Plugin

If you have the SEO plugin installed you can look under the normal area where you would write page content and posts. A little ways down the admin page you should see the new section installed by the plugin. If you do not have this plugin there are instruction on this page for installing All In One SEO.

Once you have it installed you should have a new view in your admin panel like these screen shots.

Click image to view “All In One SEO WordPress Plugin”

Inside Admin Panel of WordPress

Check out the Expanded View of All In One SEO Plugin

SEO Plugin expanded and explained

The All In One SEO Plugin is great for basic page optimization but it does not optimize category, tag, or search pages without complicated code modifications. Hire an overseas programmer if it is really important for you to have control over those pages. For most sites it is not a big deal.