Intelligent Analytics

Smart Analytics & Tracking:

If you are not tracking it, you can’t measure it. If you can’t measure it, it’s almost impossible to improve. Stop allowing gut reactions and emotions affect your company’s decision-making process.

Let us help you take a data-driven approach using machine learning algorithms that will give better results than your most valuable employee’s insightful intuition.

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Big Data

Insightful Big Data

Smart & Insightful Big Data:

Tracking is just the 1st step, but it’s a massive headache and big waste of time if it doesn’t produce actional insights. Most employees hate filling out reports, especially when they find out later that it isn’t making any difference to the company.

Processing that data can be an even bigger nightmare without machine learning algorithms. We will help you gather, process, and use that data to make your company even more brilliant!

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Intelligent Software

Software With Embedded Intelligence:

Whether your company relies on specific servers, websites, or computer software, it can be improved by integrating it brilliantly with your data. At every company, almost everywhere, they are trying to get on board the latest, smartest technology

We will create custom solutions that highly improve the intelligence of any software your company is using or selling.

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Mobile 1st

Intelligent Mobile Apps

Make Mobile Your 1st Priority:

Do you have a mobile friendly site? Do you have an app yet? Do you allow users to text your company? If you are not doing all three of these at once, you can’t say you have a mobile first culture.

Let us help you catch up and get ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. We will show the world your technological brilliance with effective use of machine learning.

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Cloud APIs

Smart Cloud APIs

Join The Cloud Ecosystem With APIs:

Your company can gain a lot more customers by leveraging your data. A lot of other companies would be more than willing to help you sell your product by building it into their software. If you don’t have an easy to use API, developers won’t build features for buying from you into their software.

Let us help you massively expand your reach by playing nice with the developer ecosystem that has given so many other brands a decisive edge.

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Why Our AI Software & Consulting Company?

Marketing Background

Without a background in business strategy and heavily competitive online SEO & PPC, you could waste years trying to beat common sense into vanilla data scientists.

Revenue Generation

In today’s technological economy, old dusty universities don’t teach what we know here at Artificial Brilliance. The school of hard knocks is brutal, but surviving it brings tremendous value.

Cutting Edge

Staying on top of the ever-shifting tech ecosystem takes an amazingly curious and inquisitive mindset! It’s a full-time job unless it comes naturally like it does for our OCD team.

People People

If you ever worked with someone that just sucked the life out of every meeting, then you know our arch nemesis. We want to be the best people you’ve worked with in a long time!

Why Use Artificial Intelligence?

AI is eating cloud, mobile & software. If you don’t have flexible intelligence baked into every aspect of your business, you are an already fossilizing dinosaur.

Bottom Line:

  • Consumers spend more money and spend it more often
  • Staff have higher satisfaction & are therefore more productive
  • Business partners get more value from you and buy more

Brilliant Consulting For Brand Engagement and Marketing

Engage Brilliantly

Your customers want to communicate with you and have their needs meet. They hate dealing with companies that don’t tailor everything to them. From the brand experience to the actual delivery of the product or service, they expect it to be done in a way that fits them. Do you want to be viewed as a one-size-fits-all that fits hardly anyone?

Only an AI system that has crunched the data knows your industry, so customers can custom tailor everything to their needs. Customers don’t need completely different experiences from each other. They notice you are making an intelligent effort to show that you care, and right now, that is enough to give you the edge you need.

Brilliant Marketing

Ever wondered which customers in your marketing list would love your new product or service? Do you sometimes just feel like just “risking it” and sending the same offer to your whole list anyway? What if your gut feelings routinely alienated the ones that hate receiving irrelevant offers, and you are accidentally hurting yourself instead of helping?

Companies do this every day, and it is a marketing mistake you would never have to make if you had better insights. Why not use artificial intelligence to build psychological profiles of your customers, and use that info to send your new thing-a-ma-bob to only the customers who will love it?

Branding Brilliance

Your brand is your currency with customers. It’s more than your reputation. It’s who you are as a company in the hearts and minds of your customers. How do you know what they think about your brand? How do they feel? How will they feel about a new product or service?

You may think that surveys and focus groups are the only way to find out. What if you had a highly specialized talent that knew more about your customers than you did? What if you could use this expert to weigh in on matters and give you an estimated “love it” or “hate it” score for specific segments of your current customer base? Does such an intelligent set of second eyes sound too good to be true? Well, it is, unless we built it for you!


Brilliant Consulting For Customer Retention, Operations & Logistics

Brilliant Logistics

Buying too much inventory at the right or wrong time can make or break a retail business. Hiring too many or too few employees can hurt seasonal service businesses in a similar way. There are so many variables that affect the bottom line these days that no one person can handle all that analysis.

If you connect your internal systems to an intelligent logistics adviser that can give you actionable and relevant advice, you can keep that edge you have built up over time. Don’t be a dinosaur that does things in such an old-fashioned way that your market audience slips from underneath your feet. Before you know it, you will be polishing up your resume!

Operate Brilliantly

Have you ever hired that person that just crashes the productivity-party and always throws a wrench into everything? Sure they are brilliant at that one thing the company really needs but come on! No one can stand them. They slow the whole team down and end up directing every meeting into a big pile of crap.

You could have detected this before hiring them. If you use intelligent evaluation systems during hiring, you can use automated psychological social evaluations. Check their social media, how they answered the forms, and what they put on their resume. That is enough to cross-check them to see if there will be synergy or a headache. If you hire right, the rest of operations goes smoothly.

Retention Brilliance

Ever hear the saying “Rushing them in the front door but too busy to notice them running out the back door?” The cost of finding new customers is one of the most expensive things you can do. It may be 10x cheaper to entice existing customers spend more than to educate others about your brand.

There is no such thing as a “past” customer. They have not passed away, so quit treating them like that. In fact, half of them are likely waiting on you to offer them something and remind them how much they enjoy buying from you. Don’t be out an of sight out of mind company. Not deploying an intelligent re-engagement system is the most expensive mistake you can make!


Recent Technologies

Spark is the new thing on the block when it comes to trying to marry big data with machine learning or artificial intelligence. IBM has announced a $300M initiative to further integrate it into Bluemix technologies
Bluemix was acquired by IBM along with Softlayer. All of IBM Analytics and software products are on their way to being accessible through the highly user-friendly Bluemix platform.
Watson is the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence. Besides winning jeopardy, it is working on curing cancer and potentially replacing Google & Bing search.

Tech We Love

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